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Ways to take care on those cranky days of the month



Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care at Target

Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care Products are the best option for those cranky days of the month. What I loved about the brand is that they’re hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and processed without chlorine. Their tampons are also certified organic! I’m a very active always in a hurry Mom so that’s why I always need the products that are PureFit designed, reliable, leak-free protection, and comfort. Three of the products that I like to use are the Comfort Applicator Tampons (18 count), Free & Clear fragrance-free Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings (18 count) and Free & Clear Pantiliners (50 count). I have to say that my favorite product is the Tampons, I feel more secure for my workout routines. Our vagina is one of the most important parts of our body, it is where we give life and that’s why it deserves the best care like our Yearly checkups and Wear Cotton Underwear.

Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care at Target

Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care at Target

Yearly Medical Examination.

It is time for women to recognize the importance of an annual check up for a healthy body and mind. As women, it is a primary prevention exam to identify risk factors for common chronic disease. A full checkup that include weight and height, Thyroid, Blood pressure, Blood Count, Chrolesterol, Glucose, Mammogram and Pap Test.

Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care at Target Seventh Generation™ Feminine Care at Target[/caption]

Safer Products.

Seventh Generation voluntarily discloses the ingredients within its line of feminine care products. Unlike foods and cosmetics, there is currently no law or regulation in the United States that requires companies to disclose ingredients in femcare. Seventh Generation believes you have the right to know what inside the products you use in one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Seventh Generation formulates products with the health of you, your family, and the environment in mind. They not only personal care products but also home products that include laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, baby diapers and wipes, feminine care, hand soap, dish-washing detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and trash bags.

DSC_0480 We believe a company’s values are as important as the product it makes and we believe you have a right to know what’s inside the products you use around your home and family and inside your body. We also use recycled materials to design our packaging, and why we design it to be recycled.

Use Cotton Underwear

The benefit of cotton underwear is not only more because is more comfortable but is also healthier. Many vaginal infections that include symptoms of itching, odor, and discharge may decrease just by wearing cotton underwear. Cotton helps to keep the vagina free of excessive moisture, and allows the area to “breathe”.


  • Seventh Generation™ Comfort Applicator Tampons (18 count)
    • The smooth, BPA-free plastic applicator is designed for your comfort and made with 95% plant-based materials. Our Free & Clear, Certified Organic Cotton Tampons are hypoallergenic and made for your most sensitive skin with no added fragrances
    • Regular Absorbency/Super Absorbency
    • Effective leak protection
    • Premium applicator that is easy to use
    • Made with Certified Organic Cotton
    • Available in Regular and Super absorbency


  • Free & Clear Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings (18 count)
    • Our innovative PureFit design conforms to your body for reliable and comfort
    • Leak-free protection
    • Comfortable fit
    • Whitened without chemicals containing chlorine


  • Free & Clear Pantiliners (50 count)
    • PureFit™ design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to always keep you dry for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort.
    • Pantiliners are processed without chlorine giving you just what you need without exposing sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals.
    • Whitened without chemicals
    • Protection you can trust with secure, no-slip adhesive

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If you want to learn more about Seventh Generation™ Feminine Product click HERE and hurry up and go to your nearest Target to get your Seventh Generation™ Feminine Products. You may purchase in the feminine care aisle or on Target.com – Don’t forget to Check Cartwheel for offers.