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October 26, 2017

Bear Naked Granola Sweet Treats

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Bear Naked Custom Made Granola is now one of my favorite products because literally you can create your own custom granola blend with over 50 different chef-inspired ingredients. All of which are 100% Non-GMO Project Verified! And they are not just talking blueberries and almonds. They have everything from blueberries and almonds to jalapenos, bourbon flavor and coffee brittle. I really recommend it to you and discover different flavors and create unique combinations at one click and best of all shipped right to your door. Click HERE for more info or to order.



Now I’m going to share with you the Naked Granola Fruity Treats recipe that is the perfect and sweetest dessert for the entire family specially for my husband and I because has low fat and calories.
Bear Naked Honey (Dried Blueberries, Freeze-Dried Cinnamon Apples & Praline Pecans)
Sugar Free Honey Syrup
Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter
Fat Free Diary Whipped Topping
Gelatin (No flavor)
Vanilla Flavor
Low Calorie sweetener

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1.-First, we are going to stabilize the Whipped Cream to make it Frosty
2.-Add the two-table spoon water with the Gelatin (No Flavor) and stir for 5 minutes.
3.-Wait until is thick and then let it cool
4.-In a bowl add the whipped cream and mixed until is stiff
5.-Add a tablespoon of low calorie sweetener and a table spoon of vanilla flavor and mixed them for a few seconds
6.-Once is thick add your gelatin and mixed them for another minute
2nd STEP
1.-In a fry pan add the Honey and the Peanut Butter and stir for a two minutes.
2.-Add the Granola and stir for another minute.
3.-In a base for cupcakes add all your granola mix, cover them in half and then put them in the fridge for 20 minutes
4.-Once you granola base is ready, add the whipped cream with a decorative piping bag or you can use a knife.
5.-Chopped the strawberries, grapes and mango in slices and add them in the top of your treat.
6.-Ready to enjoy!

BearNaked (7 of 8)

One of the things I also loved about Bear Naked is that you can customize your packaging by selecting one of the provided bear characters or choose to “bearify” yourself! By “bearifying” yourself, add a photo and drop it into one of the bears. What’s the good thing here? Not only the fun but also your kids would be excited about the arriving of their granola and they would eat it for sure. When I ordered mine my kids where all into it accessorizing the bear with sunglasses, hats, etc. They have another option where you can create a story on the back of the canister which I thought is perfect for a gift for the near Holidays.



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